fiber-multigrain crisp bread

fiber-multigrain crisp bread

Fiber-multigrain crisp bread with bran is a delicious mix of 5 grains, such as rye, corn, wheat, barley and oats, and 6% bran. The bread contains no added sugar, and is made from whole grains, which means it contains up to 12% fiber. It has low fat content, and one slice provides only 26 kcal.

The fiber-multigrain crisp bread is recommended for people on a diet. The rye contained in it supports the removal of moisture and excess water from the body, as well as cleanses and unblocks the blood vessels. It also improves our immunity system and is an important element in the process of building muscle tissue. In addition, rye strengthens bones, hair and nails.

By changing our daily menu and replacing the traditional bread with fiber-multigrain one, you provide your body with a lot of valuable fiber. Its health properties support the functioning of the digestive tract and remove dangerous toxins from the body. Fiber also helps regulate blood sugar levels, fills the intestines and stimulates the peristaltic movement. Due to the high content of fiber, fiber-multigrain bread leaves you with a sense of satiety for a long time, suppresses appetite and helps avoid the yo-yo effect.

This bread is especially recommended for:

  • vegetarians and vegans,
  • allergy sufferers,
  • active people, e.g. after workout,
  • people on a diet.
Nutrition valueper 100gper serving
(1 slice approx. 7,1 g)
per serving
Energy value1524 kJ/360 kcal108 kJ/26 kcal1
Fat1,4 g<0,5 g0
including saturated fatty acids0,3 g<0,1 g0
Carbohydrates70 g4,9 g2
including sugars5,2 g<0,5 g0
Fiber12 g0,9 g
Protein11 g0,8 g2
Salt1,0 g0,07 g1
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