rye-spelt crisp bread

rye-spelt crisp bread

Rye-spelt crisp bread can be a great base for breakfast and dinner for anyone who wants to prepare a quick and tasty meal. It will also be appreciated by those who spend the day on the run and want to always have a nutritious snack on hand as rye and spelt are very popular with healthy food buffs. But there’s more! Each slice provides only 26 kcal, so even people on a diet can have a bite without any remorse.

The consumption of spelt-based products contributes to the lowering of cholesterol in the blood. Spelt is also a source of protein, dietary fiber and a range of vitamins. The rye contained in Tovago crisp bread cleanses the digestive tract and the arteries as well as strengthens the liver. It also has a positive nutritional effect and gives the body the necessary boost. Rye contains folic acid, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins B and E, and other nutrients. Consumption of rye-based products helps maintain optimal body mass.

This bread is especially recommended for:

  • vegetarians and vegans,
  • allergy sufferers,
  • active people, e.g. after workout,
  • people on a diet.
Nutrition valueper 100gper serving
(1 slice approx. 7,2 g)
Energy value1554 kJ/367 kcal112 kJ/26 kcal
Fat1,7 g<0,5 g
including saturated fatty acids0,3 g<0,1 g
Carbohydrates76 g5,3 g
including sugars5,7 g<0,5 g
Fiber7,5 g<0,5 g
Protein11 g0,8 g
Salt1,1 g0,08 g
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