fiber-rye crispbread

fiber-rye crispbread

The light fiber-rye crisp bread with bran is a delicious combination of delicate taste of rye bread with a high fiber content – as much as 13%. Just like our other products, it does not contain added sugar. It has one more important feature that is important for those who watch their figure – it is low-fat.

This bread is especially recommended for:

  • vegetarians and vegans,
  • people with lactose intolerance,
  • active people, e.g. after workout,
  • people on a diet.
Nutrition valueper 100gper serving
(1 slice approx. 7,1 g)
per serving
Energy value1505 kJ/356 kcal107 kJ/25 kcal1
Fat1,3 g<0,5 g0
including saturated fatty acids0,2 g<0,1 g0
Carbohydrates68 g4,8 g2
including sugars6,3 g<0,5 g0
Fiber13 g1,0 g
Protein11 g0,8 g2
Salt1,1 g0,07 g1
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