oat-corn crispbread

oat-corn crispbread

Oat-corn crispbread is a modern alternative to traditional breakfast porridge. This is another very low-calorie product in the Tovago offer – one slice only has 23 kcal. So the whole family can have a munch, even those on a diet. This light and tasty bread is worth taking with you whenever you leave home – going to work, for a walk or to a playground with your child. It’s a convenient and healthy option for everyone who likes to be on the move.

Products based on oats grains, including our healthy crispbread, are sources of fiber and protein.

This bread is especially recommended for:

  • vegetarians and vegans,
  • people with lactose intolerance,
  • active people, e.g. after workout,
  • people on a diet.
Nutrition valueper 100gper serving
(1 slice approx. 6,2 g)
Energy value1612 kJ/380 kcal112 kJ/26 kcal
Fat2,4 g<0,5 g
including saturated fatty acids0,7 g<0,1 g
Carbohydrates77 g4,7 g
including sugars1,9 g<0,5 g
Fiber3,2 g<0,5 g
Protein12 g0,7 g
Salt1,2 g0,07 g
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